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Stop your keys from making noise, poking your leg, destroying your clothes, and becoming disorganized.  BladeKey is a solid piece of material that is perfectly sized to accomodate any set of keys.  Place your keys and some spacers into the BladeKey, and fasten them in place with the provided hardware.  When you need one of your keys, its always in the same place.  Simply rotate it outward to use it.

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A BladeKey Made for You

Everyone carries their keys differently. Some only need a few keys while others need more. BladeKey is designed in three widths and two lengths for a total of six sizes. This is to offer everyone a BladeKey that minimizes the space that your keys occupy.  Get a milled aluminium BladeKey from Amazon (hardware included), or a custom 3D printed BladeKey from Shapeways (hardware not included; click here to buy hardware).  Find the BladeKey that is perfect for you.

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Features from the future

Great design

Solid and simple design.
It just works.


Choose how you set up your BladeKey.
Insert or attach other pocket tools.


Field tested by thousands of users.
Solid milled aluminium construction.


Works with your existing keys.


An innovative and patented design.

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