New and Improved Thinner Steel Posts Now Shipping!

Posted by James Busch on

Over the past six months I have been working hard to get new and improved hardware for the BladeKey Bolt.  It has finally arrived and is now shipping with each new BladeKey™ Bolt™!  For those that would like to upgrade to the new post, they are also going to be available in the online store shortly as part of the BladeKey™ Bolt™ Extra Hardware kit.

The new hardware is greatly improved over the old style "Chicago Binding Posts" in the following respects:

  • Made out of Stainless Steel.  The old style "Chicago Binding Posts" were made from aluminium.  The stainless steel is much stronger than aluminium and therefore less likely to strip, bind, or break over time.
  • Narrow 3.5 mm Diameter.  The old style "Chicago Binding Posts" were 4.76 mm in diameter.  For some types of keys, it was necessary to enlarge the hole to fit the old style "Chicago Binding Post."  The new custom post has a much narrower diameter and should fit nearly every key without modification!  In addition, the new style post has been designed to be fully interchangeable with the old style "Chicago Binding Post"!  Even though the diameter through the keys is smaller we kept the diameter within the BladeKey the same so that the post will not jingle or have any play!
  • Pre-Applied Thread Lock.  While many people had no issue with the "Chicago Binding Post" coming undone, other people have noted that they need to constantly tighten or apply thread locker to their post to prevent it from coming undone.  The new custom post comes from the factory with blue nylon thread lock pre-applied!
As always I appreciate everyone's feedback and patience as I worked to have the upgraded hardware manufactured!  Pictures are provided below of the universal nut, three key, six key and nine key sizes.


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