Source Code

BladeKey grew out of my interest in and fascination with 3D printing and personalized manufacturing.  

In the first variations of the BladeKey, keys were measured, a 3D model was generated using an open source modeling program called OpenSCAD, and the model was printed on a personal 3D Printer such as a Makerbot Cupcake.  These initial versions (now called the Zip) were made out of plastic and could be in almost any width, so they were secured with a standard zip-tie.

As I printed the first few BladeKey devices, I would have never imagined that the idea would evolve to this point from such simple beginnings.

In order to encourage everyone to dream, learn, and create their own innovative products, the BladeKey Zip and Bolt are available for individuals to 3D Print for their own personal educational non-commercial use.  We hope that this will inspire more people to learn how to design, prototype, and make their dreams into a reality.

If you enjoy your 3D Printed BladeKey, please tell your friends, donate, or buy a metal BladeKey to support our efforts.