About Us

BladeKey™ is an innovative, 3D printable (for personal non-commercial use), patented & patent pending way of carrying your keys that solves the cumbersome and annoying problems associated with standard key rings.

BladeKey Constrains Your Keys Without Filling Your Pocket

BladeKey was designed to solve a set of problems while minimizing excess bulk:

  • BladeKey stops keys from jingling, becoming disorganized or causing discomfort.
  • BladeKey is simple, intuitive, compact and durable;
  • BladeKey allows for easily accessing keys which are in the same place every time; and

After numerous design iterations, a minimal but functional design has been achieved that accomplishes the above goals.

Each BladeKey is built to add minimal material to keys, but constrain motion to one axis while protecting a BladeKey user's body from the sharp parts of the keys and allowing for easy access to any individual key.  Once you use a BladeKey, you will never want to go back to using a normal key ring.