• BladeKey® Bolt™
    • Instructions
      • Parts that Come with your BladeKey®
        Your BladeKey® Bolt™ will come with: (a) the main BladeKey® body, (b) hardware to secure your keys in the BladeKey® body, and (c) four rubber spacers. The spacers are roughly the width of one key and can be used to fill any extra space in the BladeKey® if you do not have the maximum number of keys in your BladeKey®.
      • Add Keys
        Simply place your keys into the BladeKey® body, and then insert the hardware through the openings in the side of the BladeKey® and through all of your keys. Screw the male end of the hardware into the female end. When screwing the male end into the female end of the bolt, make sure that you do not cross-thread the hardware. The easiest way to do this is to use your hand (do not use a screw driver), and rotate the male fastener to the left until you hear a click; this is the threads lining up. Then, with your hand, rotate the bolt right. To apply some extra tension without over-tightening the bolt, use a coin to finish screwing the bolt together.  Watch the beginning of the above video for a demonstration.
      • Remove Keys
        Simply unscrew the bolt. You may want to use a coin to help start the unscrewing process. Watch the end of the above video for a demonstration.
    • Frequently Asked Questions
      • What Size Should I Order?
        This will all depend on the dimensions of your particular set of keys. Check out our BladeKey® Sizing Tool for help measuring your keys and selecting a size.
      • Where do the Rubber O-Rings Go?
        The rubber O-rings are spacers that you can use to fill empty space inside your BladeKey® in the event you do not have the maximum number of keys. For example, if you have five keys in a BladeKey® Bolt™ 6, then you would place one rubber O-ring spacer inside the BladeKey® Bolt™ 6 with your 5 keys in order to fill the one left over space in your BladeKey® Bolt™ 6.
      • Why is the Binding Post Too Big for One of my Keys?
        We have redesigned the hardware from the initial versions of the BladeKey to fit nearly every commercially available key.  The new hardware has a diameter of 3mm. The original binding post diameter was 3/16 in. This is the smallest diameter commercially available binding post that we could find. Some keys have a smaller key hole and will not fit on the post. Currently, we recommend seeing if your local hardware store has different key blanks that have a larger hole, or drilling the key to enlarge the hole (caution: do this with care). We have been working with a hardware factory to create custom hardware that has a much smaller diameter but is otherwise the appropriate length and strength for use with the BladeKey®.
      • How do I stop the Binding Post from Coming Undone by Itself?
        We have redesigned the hardware from the initial versions to come with pre-applied thread lock so this should not longer be an issue.  However, if you are still having this issue, try applying some extra tension to the binding post to squeeze the sides of the BladeKey® in very slightly. By compressing the sides of the BladeKey® (very slightly) with the binding post, the BladeKey® will apply tension to the threads of the bolt and keep it from coming undone accidentally. Alternatively, you can use Blue Loctite (see, e.g., Permatex 24200 Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue, 6 ml ) to secure the threads of the binding post.
      • What do I do if I lost part of the Binding Post / Screw?
        We ship two sets of binding posts with the BladeKey® just in case there is an issue with one. If you have lost both, you may be able to find a replacement at your local hardware store, or you can order a replacement set from us. For more information on both options please see the BladeKey® Replacement Hardware page.
      • Will my Car Key Fit in the BladeKey®?
        The BladeKey® is designed to be very small and compact. Some car keys may fit in the BladeKey®, but many will simply be bigger than the BladeKey® and will not fit in the BladeKey®. However, the BladeKey® is designed with a key ring loop on the front to be attached to larger keys. If you have an older car key that is not too large and does not have a computer chip, your car key may fit inside the BladeKey®. Please refer to the BladeKey® Sizing Tool. Very large keys such as newer car keys with transponder chips are much larger than the BladeKey® and will not fit in the BladeKey®.
      • What USB Flash Drive Works with the BladeKey®?
        There are many different USB Flash Drive that will work with the BladeKey®. We recommend the Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 8GB USB 2.0 (DTSE9H/8GBZET) style of USB Flash Drive, because the metal USB contacts are shielded from your other keys. Many people have asked about the LaCie PetiteKey 16GB USB Flash Drive (9000347) line of key-shaped USB drives. Those will also work but they have some metal protrusions around the electrical contacts that may become entangled with adjacent keys. If you have a key shaped USB drive that you would like to use with your BladeKey®, we recommend putting a spacer on the side of the key shaped drive that has the exposed USB electrical connections for two reasons: (1) to protect the contacts and (2) to avoid having adjacent keys hit the metal protrusions. Please double check which BladeKey® will work best for you by referring to the BladeKey® Sizing Tool.
      • Can I take my BladeKey® through a TSA Checkpoint?
        We have had no problems (or reports of problems) while traveling with a BladeKey®, so long as the BladeKey® contains only keys. To ensure that the TSA does not mistake the BladeKey® for a pocket knife, we recommend fanning your keys out and placing the BladeKey® in your carry-on bag. I travel on roughly 25 commercial flights a year and have been using my BladeKey® for several years. In one instance I had to have my bag re-run due to the BladeKey®. I was polite, and when the TSA agent saw what it was they thought it was neat and wondered where they could get one.
      • Can I get the BladeKey® for a lower price?
        Yes! You can make your own for free if you have a personal 3D printer! BladeKey® is open source for personal non-commercial use. You can obtain the necessary files on Thingiverse. For the metal versions, we have worked hard to offer them at the lowest possible price given our current volume and distribution. If you are a distributor looking to purchase in bulk, please contact us.
  • Shipping
    • Frequently Asked Questions
      • When Will My Order Ship?
        Orders of pre-manfuactured parts (e.g., NeoKeys, Milled Aluminium BladeKeys, and Hardware) are processed and shipped within 1 or 2 days. Orders of made-to-order items (e.g., 3D Printed BladeKeys) are shipped after they are manufactured--which may take one to three weeks depending on the chosen material.  The standard shipping option is USPS First-Class mail, but you can select faster options during checkout. You will receive email notifications at each stage of the fulfillment process and you will receive a tracking number when your order ships.  If you do not receive automated emails in this time frame, please contact us.
      • Do You Ship Internationally?
        We do ship BladeKey internationally! To get an accurate shipping quote please add the items you would like to your cart and proceed to check out. Before providing any payment information, the website should ask for your address. After receiving your address, the exact shipping cost will be calculated, and you may proceed to provide payment information if acceptable.
      • How Much are Duties in My Country?
        Do not forget that you may also need to pay local import or duty taxes. This is a complex question as it is different for each country and will depend ont he value of your order. may help give you an idea of what duty or import taxes may be. (HTS: 7616.99, Category: Home & Garden / Other Home & Utility / Articles of Aluminium - Other).
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    • Frequently Asked Questions
      • What do I do if I have a question that is not on this list?
        Please contact us with any additional questions or comments! We will endeavor to respond as promptly as we can.