BladeKey® Bolt™ 6 - Milled Aluminium

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See the BladeKey Sizing Tool to help you determine the right size for your set of keys.

BladeKey Reviews

  • Everyday Commentary - "After a week of use, I am sold. The design is incredibly simple. It is one of those forehead slapping, why-didn't-I-think-of-that products. That's no slight. Those are the very best products and the very best designs. It takes a truly brilliant design to solve a common, long-lasting problem in a simple and elegant way."
  • ITSTactical - "The BladeKey Bolt is a simple but well thought out device. Actually, you can probably guess how it operates just by looking at it. In a nutshell, it transforms your keychain into a pocket knife style key organizer.
    No jingling. No poking. Just organized keys."
  • AllOutdoor - "No more pocket full of tools. No more janitor key wad, just a sleek easy to use device. It is one of two things that I have reviewed and then bought immediately (the other is the Tom Bihn Cadet, which is one hell of a briefcase). This thing is pure genius."

BladeKey Bolt Sizes

The BladeKey Bolt 6 has been manufactured in two different lengths: regular and extended.  The dimensions for the BladeKey Bolt 6 are:

    • BladeKey Bolt 6: Holds up to 6 standard metal keys.
      • Width Available for Keys: 12.5 mm
      • Regular Length (maximum key length): 57 mm (on each side) and 63 mm (in the middle)
      • Extended Length (maximum key length): 67 mm (on each side) and 73 mm (in the middle)

      If you have less than four keys, take a look at the BladeKey Bolt 3.  If you have more than six keys, take a look at the BladeKey Bolt 9.

      For additional help picking a size, see the BladeKey Sizing Tool to help you determine the right size for your set of keys.

      Custom Hardware.  Most Keys are Compatible without Modification

      The BladeKey Bolt 6 comes with a custom black stainless steel post that has a 3.5 mm diameter.  This should work with almost every key; however, we recommend that you verify that your keys will work without modification.

      In addition, the custom hardware comes with blue nylon thread lock applied, so your bolt will not come undone with normal use.

      More Information

      If you have more questions, take a look at our Support page.  If you cannot find the answer there, please Contact us.