BladeKey® Bolt™ 6 - 3D Printed Brass

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See the BladeKey Sizing Tool to help you determine the right size for your set of keys.

BladeKey Reviews

  • Everyday Commentary - "After a week of use, I am sold. The design is incredibly simple. It is one of those forehead slapping, why-didn't-I-think-of-that products. That's no slight. Those are the very best products and the very best designs. It takes a truly brilliant design to solve a common, long-lasting problem in a simple and elegant way."
  • ITSTactical - "The BladeKey Bolt is a simple but well thought out device. Actually, you can probably guess how it operates just by looking at it. In a nutshell, it transforms your keychain into a pocket knife style key organizer.
    No jingling. No poking. Just organized keys."
  • AllOutdoor - "No more pocket full of tools. No more janitor key wad, just a sleek easy to use device. It is one of two things that I have reviewed and then bought immediately…. This thing is pure genius."

General Information

BladeKey is a patented easy to use customized organizer for your keys.  Tired of your keys becoming disorganized and making a bunch of noise as you walk around? The BladeKey key organizer solves these problems by securing your keys together and allowing for easy access. 

  • Additional Hardware Required. The BladeKey holds keys in place with custom hardware or a 1/4" Barrel Length, 8-32 Thread Size "Chicago Binding Post"
  • Free Custom Hardware with Purchase of a 3D Printed BladeKey. Just add the appropriate hardware to your cart, and we will ship it to you.  To avoid delays, you may receive the hardware separately from the 3D Printed parts.

Material, Finish and Color Options

Brass is a copper alloy containing 15% zinc, 5% tin and 80% copper.  Brass will develop a patina over time but can be polished back to achieve a like-new surface.  Gold plated brass is plated with 0.25 microns of 14K gold and is available in both yellow and rose colors.  

Gold Plated Brass is a durable material but can still scratch or wear through. Prolonged surface wear can rub off the finish and develop unique wear marks over time.  If you desire a more durable finish with a similar appearance, consider polished brass.

Brass models are fabricated using lost wax casting. First, the model is printed in wax using a specialized high-resolution 3D Printer. It is then put in a container where liquid plaster is poured in around it. Once the plaster sets, the wax is melted out in a furnace, and the remaining plaster becomes the mold.  Molten brass is poured into this mold and set to harden. The plaster is broken away, revealing your new product. Natural Brass is briefly tumbled. Polished Brass is carefully cleaned and hand polished. Please be aware that polishing can wear down or fill in very fine details and edges.

If gold plating is chosen, your BladeKey will go through two plating steps - first, a layer of tin-rhodium is applied to provide strength and durability. Then your selected precious metal plating provides the finishing touch.

Select finishes from the following options:

  • Natural brass is 3D printed in pure brass in its natural state with a slightly rough antique finish.
  • Polished brass is 3D printed in pure brass that's hand-polished to a fine sheen.
  • 14k gold plated brass is 3D printed in polished brass plated with 14k gold.
  • 14k rose gold plated brass is 3D printed in polished brass plated with 14k rose gold.

3D Printing Production Time and Shipping

Allow about two weeks for production.  Shipping depends on your location.

BladeKey Bolt Sizes

The BladeKey Bolt 6 has been manufactured in two different lengths: regular and extended.  The dimensions for the BladeKey Bolt 6 are:

  • BladeKey Bolt 6: Holds up to 6 standard metal keys.
    • Width Available for Keys: 12.5 mm
    • Regular Length (maximum key length): 57 mm (on each side) and 63 mm (in the middle)
    • Extended Length (maximum key length): 67 mm (on each side) and 73 mm (in the middle)

If you have less than four keys, take a look at the BladeKey Bolt 3.  If you have more than six keys, take a look at the BladeKey Bolt 9.

For additional help picking a size, see the BladeKey Sizing Tool to help you determine the right size for your set of keys.

Assembly & Use

Once you get your BladeKey, simply place your keys (or BladeKey NeoKeys) into the appropriately sized BladeKey device, and secure the keys with custom hardware or a Chicago Binding Post.  The keys and rotate out like a typical pocket tool. 

Custom Hardware.  Most Keys are Compatible without Modification

The BladeKey Bolt custom black stainless-steel post that has a 3.5 mm diameter.  This should work with almost every key; however, we recommend that you verify that your keys will work without modification.  

In addition, the custom hardware comes with blue nylon thread lock applied, so your bolt will not come undone with normal use.

More Information

If you have more questions, take a look at our Support page.  If you cannot find the answer there, please Contact us.